Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Take me into Your arms

So, I was listening to some High School Musical songs earlier today, and one of the songs I listened to was "Can I have this dance?" Well, wouldn't it be more amazing if I could dance with the Him who pursued me all my life? So I wrote this in response. St. Valentine's Day just can't get here any faster!

Take me into Your arms, O Lord, and swing me with the music of Your creation.

Pull me into Your holy dance, and drive me into the love of Your Spirit.

Touch me with Your tender mercy, and whisper with the winds of Your grace.

Draw me by the scent of the sweat upon which You bore the holy Cross so heavy,

And open my eyes to the majesty of the glory of Your Holy Trinity.

Enrapture my heart with the carpentry of the woodwork You hang upon,

And feed my body with the Bread and Wine which you so willingly given me.

I love You, Jesus. More and more each day.

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